And in all truth: The Cielos make wines to fall in love with
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The setting of one of the most famous love stories of the world is a castle near Verona. The Cielos live close to it, right in the heart of the Romeo and Juliet-area. Together with their family name (Cielo = heaven), this is a real obligation!
Why You Should Be Drinking Organic Wine?
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In general, organic wine grapes are much healthier and therefore produce heartier skins and higher concentrations of all of those good for you anthocyanins and antioxidants, including polyphenols and cardio-friendly resveratrol.
The Bosio wines are some of the best value from Piemonte.
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Cantine Bosio, founded in 1967 by Angela and Egidio, produced their first wine from vineyards nestled amongst the hills of Langhe. Today, the winery has expanded to work with a number of trusted local growers alongside.
MAGNA TERRA Italy’s highest DOCG classification
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Brunello di Montalcino is made with a local Tuscan type of Sangiovese referred to as Brunello or Sangiovese Grosso. Some also call it Prugnolo Gentile.
Our Famous Wine
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The Classic and most popular range. Comprises wines forming a complete Abruzzo wine list, combining quality and value without compromise.
Cielo Proud Vegan Wines!
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Cielo wines are produced without the use of animal-derived fining agents or additives during the winemaking process.
Wines to Taste
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Bianco NO 9 Frizzante Prosecco. This has a straw colour and small bubbles with fruity and sweet notes.
Award Winning Wines
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Come Taste or Buy Brilla! What a stunner. The team behind Brilla Prosecco set out to create a funky, fun sparkling wine that was a celebration in a bottle and they've certainly done that.
Hello New Bag in Box Wines
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Introducing Borgovenna's new packaging for Montepulciano Bag in Box wines – a perfect blend of tradition and innovation.
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